Most of our team members come from the software industry. Having deep industry expertise enables us to better understand the needs of our business partners and minimize the amount of time and effort needed to make a successful introduction. The interviews we organize have a success rate that is four times better than the industry average, and this has helped us become the top recruiting partner for more than 20 global software and internet companies in Japan, all with a team of only 7 members.

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    Our Team

    The SoftSource team combines to form a wealth of product, job function, and Japan business expertise covering much of the software industry. Our core areas of expertise include cloud, enterprise software, and digital marketing.

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    Corporate Information

    SoftSource was founded in 2007 by Kevin Quinn and Sean Alexander, and within the first 3 years of business became the top-performing recruitment partner for more than 15 global software vendors.

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    Completed Searches

    While some of our agreements prevent us for sharing specific details of our searches, here you can view the solution areas, functional positions, and seniority levels of our recently completed searches.