The first step of our recruitment process is the needs analysis. Like a solution sale, it’s important that we clearly understand your needs (motivation and ideal job criteria) before we can recommend opportunities. Most people don’t know exactly what they want to do or even what type of opportunities might be possible for them. We will help you understand the pros and cons of heading in different career directions, and also show you what job functions and product areas are most likely to optimize your market value going forward.

Having a solid understanding of your expectations will enable us to suggest only those opportunities which have a strong overlap with your areas of interest. If we have done our job, at this point we should be able to describe the company, products, and value proposition in detail, and why the position could be a smart next-step in your career.

Prior to interviewing, we will educate you about the company, position, products, and competitive landscape, and also help prepare you for the interview itself. Thanks largely in part to this preparation, the interviews that SoftSource arranges are four times more likely to be successful than the industry average.

Finally, we will help you compare the benefits and challenges of each opportunity and guide you towards the position that will maximize your potential and give you the greatest likelihood of success.


SoftSource took the time to understand my situation and what I wanted to do, and that made me feel comfortable that they could find me a better position. They also helped me understand my strengths compared to others in my field, and that gave me the confidence I needed be successful in the interview process.

Sey Fujino
Marketing Director, Infor Japan

SoftSource delivered for us big-time. Within 2 weeks of starting our Japan Country Manager search SoftSource had secured a short-list of “A” caliber candidates who could all handle the job. This made the selection process difficult, but that was a nice problem to have.

Anthony Bettencourt
CEO, Coverity