In addition to understanding what industries and job functions a search firm specializes in, it is important to know how they go about hunting for, evaluating, and compelling potential candidates as this will impact your brand in the Japan market. It is furthermore critical to understand how a firm prioritizes searches and allocates their resources in order to gauge the likely timeline to completion. Here are some of the ways we can help you:

  • SS_Retained_Search_03

    Retained Search

    With retained SoftSource prioritizes that search ahead of other searches, optimizing the timeline to completion and ensuring the most complete market coverage possible.

  • Contingent-Search

    Contingent Search

    Contingency Search is also known as success-based search. SoftSource collects a finder fee only when the successful candidate is hired for the new position.

  • SS_Recruitment_Outsourcing_03

    Recruitment Outsourcing

    With recruitment outsourcing a member of SoftSource will take over the internal recruitment responsibilities for Japan as if they were a member of your own talent acquisition team.