What is Contingency Search?

Contingency Search is also known as success-based search. SoftSource collects a finder fee only when the successful candidate is hired for the new position. The advantage to contingency search is that there is no up-front fee or risk associated with engaging in the search, however contingency searches are prioritized after retained searches due to the increased risk of no return to the search firm. Because they are prioritized after retained searches, contingency searches generally take longer to complete.

When to Use Contingency Search?

We recommend utilizing contingency search in the following situations:

  • The timeline for completing the search isn’t urgent.
  • The cost of having the position remain unfilled is not substantial.
  • The position needed is not overly unique or specialized.
  • The search is for an individual contributor or middle-management level position.
  • The search does not need to remain confidential.

What Do I get with a Contingency Search?

We will assign one or more consultants as account managers, and they will have expertise in either your product area, or in performing searches for similar functional positions. We then perform a detailed needs analysis to understand your company’s value proposition, business strategy, and perceived obstacles to success in the Japan market. Once this is complete, we work with our researchers to map out the organizations of target companies and leverage our extensive professional network to identify the most suitable people in those organizations.

We meet with all potential candidates in-person to screen, qualify, and evaluate their level of appropriateness for the position. We then bring forward those candidates that we believe to be most suitable, and at the same time make you aware of their motivation, level of interest, concern points, and any potential challenges to securing the candidate.

Candidates introduced for contingency searches may be introduced to other opportunities congruently, and depending on the hiring process, the searches are generally completed within 1 – 3 months.