Marin Software provides a cloud-based platform for managing and optimizing digital marketing campaigns on social, mobile, and web platforms. They were the first global company in this space to localize their product for Japan when they arrived in 2012, however they knew their competition wasn’t far behind.


The leadership team at Marin was well aware of the fact that they needed to get a core team capable of supporting major customers up-and-running in Japan quickly, and that if they managed to do so effectively, they could establish themselves as the market standard before other players even had a product ready to sell.

Within the first 12 months SoftSource was able to complete 15 searches in sales, marketing, engineering, and leadership which enabled Marin Software Japan to not only acquire and support some of their largest global customers, but to become the most profitable country for Marin worldwide.

"Our solution requires a mix of enterprise and digital marketing expertise which is hard to find. In our first year in Japan SoftSource completed more than 10 searches for us which enabled us to secure and support a handful of major reference customers, making our Japan launch a huge success."

- Jay Revels, Managing Director, Japan and Australia