VMware has been the global leader in virtualization since launching in 1998. After entering Japan in 2003 they have had a rate of growth that has kept pace with other major markets around the world, and this has helped make them one of the most admired software companies in Japan.


Although VMware makes software, most of the early members of the Japan organization came from server hardware and storage backgrounds, because promoting virtualization solutions required that type of product expertise. The challenge for VMware was that their product portfolio and value proposition were shifting to a broader and increasingly more complex solution, and they were having challenges finding and attracting the people that would enable them to deliver their more complex solution offering.

SoftSource first engaged with VMware in 2011 with the mission of helping them identify and secure sales and engineering talent from more complex solution software backgrounds. By 2012 SoftSource had become VMware’s top recruiting partner in Japan, and had introduced many of the members who were responsible for helping VMware maintain the impressive 30%+ year-over-year growth rate in Japan that has made them one of the most successful software companies of the past decade.