We started supporting Omniture when there was only a single member in Japan. They had an amazing product and would ultimately become the global leader in web analytics. Back then however, they were one of many new cloud service offerings trying to stand out while making the Japan market feel confident of their potential.


Unlike many companies first entering the Japan market Omniture was confident that there was significant opportunity here, and they also knew that there was plenty of competition brewing from a) the big names in enterprise software, b) other US start-ups in the web and digital advertising analytics space, and c) Japanese web consulting companies that were building their own systems and had the benefit of strong name recognition and an existing customer base to sell into.

Omniture knew that their window of opportunity was limited and that if they penetrated the market quickly they could sell into fresh accounts rather than having to displace competitive technologies. Their greatest challenges were that a) they had effectively no brand awareness in the Japan market and were thus viewed as a risky career choice by the local workforce, b)they wanted a local team that was not only bilingual but bicultural and could work seamlessly with the US teams, and c) they needed people who understood internet business well but could also drive an enterprise sales cycle from the initial lead generation to converting the customer into a referenceable success story.

By the time Omniture was acquired by Adobe in 2012, SoftSource* had introduced more than 35 members of the 60-person team, including almost all of the early hires that we were credited with growing Omniture's annual revenue from $0 to $10 million, and onward to many multiples of that.

"SoftSource* was hands-down our top recruiting partner in Japan, having introduced over half of our employees. They understand our business and culture as well as our own people, and this allowed us to minimize the amount of screening and interviewing necessary to make a hire. They consistently introduced impressive talent that impacted our business, and we would not have been nearly as successful as were without their great support."

- Marcus Otsuji, Omniture Japan President from 2004 - 2011 "